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Conceived by
Business Leaders, Top Academics & Incredible Founders

Daniel Marasch

Daniel Marasch

Strategic Advisor
Daniel has been member of the international board of Lidl (North and South Europe, USA) as well as CEO of Lidl Germany and Italy.
Lisa Short

Lisa Short

Strategic Advisor
Lisa is an outstanding entrepreneur and mindshifter from Australia. She has founded several blockchain projects, is a well-known keynote speaker and a respected academic.
Chris Coleridge

Chris Coleridge

Strategic Advisor
Chris has founded the MSt in Entrepreneurship at University of Cambridge. He is an entrepreneur himself and started Europe’s first tech entrepreneurship programme at University College London.
Alex Grots

Alex Grots

Strategic Advisor
Alex is ‘one of Europe‘s most creative minds. He is a supervisory board member of Audi, has founded ProGlove, which counts several hundred employees and led Europe‘s biggest Design Thinking firm.
Mattias Bergström

Mattias Bergström

Strategic Advisor
Mattias founded two companies which achieved valuations of over 1 billion USD. He furthermore headed Neptune Fund in Sweden where he actively invested in start up and technology. Mattias himself is a technician and owns over 60 patents.
Tabi Haller-Jordan

Tabi Haller-Jorden

Strategic Advisor
Tabi is the president and CEO of The Paradigm Forum GmbH (TPF). She was named a Harvard and Wilson Center Global Fellow and is a strategic advisor to EDGE Strategy, scholar-in-residence at Emma Willard School, and executive-in-residence at Bryn Mawr College.
Stefano Gurciullo

Stefano Gurciullo

Stefano is a an AI entrepreneur turned Venture Capital Partner at Redstone VC, in Berlin.
Pascal Weinberger

Pascal Weinberger

Pascal founded and sold enterprises since he is 14. He's been a former Machine Learning and AI engineer at Google and was head of AI and Rapid Prototyping at Alpha Telefonica.
Xavier Sarras

Xavier Sarras

Xavier is an entrepreneur, investor and a leading expert on customer experience and marketing digitization. On his mission to increase the quality of experiences, he has built and sold three businesses and helped hundreds of brands like BMW, Procter & Gamble or the Economist shape theirs. His 25+ years market expertise in the marketing, customer experience and venture environment is a strong asset in enhancing the EWOR experience both for fellows and corporate clients.
Omar Bawa

Omar Bawa

Omar has raised over USD 16MM with his venture Goodwall, a professional development community for students. He's been listed on the Forbes 30 under 30 list and has received global recognition for his impactful efforts with Goodwall.
Omid Aschari

Omid Aschari

Strategic Advisor
Omid has founded the Master in Strategic International Management at University of St. Gallen, which broke the Financial Times records as the first ever eight times in a row #1 management master world-wide.
Daniel Dippold

Daniel Dippold

Daniel has founded three ventures, was named Top Talent Under 25 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and leads Kairos Europe, where he helped grow the world's most influential startups, the top 10 of which have achieved an aggregate valuation of approximately 10 BN €s.

A Learning By Doing Approach

At EWOR, you build and own your own venture. We blend learning and execution.

A Full-Time, One Year Program

After our program, you might not only own your own venture, but will be ready to execute and innovate - as an intra- or entrepreneur.

Plug Into Our Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Over 100 investors. Unicorn Founders and Corporate CEOs as mentors. Free Office Space. Free Office Facilities. Do we need to say more?

Do you have what it takes?

Your Mindset

110% Motivated
  • Comfortable with experimenting and working under chaos
  • Stress-resistant
  • Individual learner
  • Thinking big and bold
  • Passionate about personal development

Your Experience

Independent Thinking
  • Leadership experience
  • Worked in a team before
  • Ideally founded a venture, non-profit or small organisation
  • Internship or similar experience
  • Passionate self-learner

Application Process

Learning Platform

The world's best entrepreneurship-focused learning platform.

Deep Reflection

The opportunity to reflect with and learn from outstanding, rigorously selected peers


Getting to know and mentored by the serial entrepreneurs, CEOs and inventors


Access to templates, contracts, slide decks and much more.


Our learning map helps you design your own, individual learning journey.

Initial Spark

You will be situated at and supported by a corporation.

How the EWOR Fellowship Works

The EWOR Program

The Four EWOR Principles

Learning is not static

At universities, you learn first and then do, only to discover that most of what you learned is not important. At EWOR you do first. You solve real-world challenges. You build your product. Only when you're stuck do you have to access our content. Yet, non of our learning content is mandatory! We conceive learning as a map, not a curriculum.

Maximise Feedback & Reflection

After every challenge, i.e. customer discovery or prototyping, you have to reflect with your peers and us. You will be invited to question everything you do, improve every day and ultimately master the art of meta-cognition.

Do things the Hard Way

True learning implies focus and suffering. Don't dare to learn for the short-term. We prepare you for the long journey.

Learning is Fun

No matter how difficult, learning can be fun when conceived as a game. Pioneer through our learning map, level up and skill up your brand.

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